look how fucking airbrushed adam sandler is in this official image for click. what the fuck

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I have Rem as an OC. They're a part of the unholy Borasco sibling hexagon. Rem likes to surf, watch monster trucks, have a royalty complex, and a whole bunch of stuff i just //spontaneously combusts - from darknephilim

ooh! thanks friend!

i’m interested in this royalty complex thing. like being subservient to royalty or BEING the royalty? lkfsljakl. tell me more

i also like the combination of surfing and monster trucks. they seem like a sporty person. B)


hmmmm i want to hear about some ocs! tell me about your oc(s) in my ask and i’ll respond with my favorite aspects of their character and what i’m most curious about.



too turnt w/ this baguette

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Tagged: gif. LOVE THIS KID!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. never forget. bioshock.


a bunch of guros i did for class @o@  

Tagged: gore. guro. blood. nsfw. check out this COOL ART by a COOL FRIEND.

playing wow instead of doing homework. what else is new

Tagged: lifeblogging. though as a nice change of pace i am actually almost done with my homework instead of having barely started it.

maybe i should do some homework instead of going through the selim bradley tag

Tagged: lifeblogging. ................yeah ok i'll go get a hole punch.
Tagged: fmab. GOD I REMEMBER THIS. selim bradley. what a little SHIT.

i LOVE goblin ladies SO MUCH

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Warning Major Spoiler!

to-do list:

  • be responsible and take control of my fucking life
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ok????? whatever

Tagged: lifeblogging. so i guess the moral of the story is: john green is still not as important as tumblr makes him out to be.

okay what the FUCK is happening in the john green fandom

Tagged: today everyone's just been like METAPHORS!!!! CIGARETTES!!!!!!! i dont understand where is this joke coming from. lifeblogging.


Every song in Frozen is excruciatingly underwhelming

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Tagged: actually most disney songs tbh.

i was GOING to go to bed and take a nap but instead i ended up thinking of YET ANOTHER circus oc and now i’m wide awake

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i'm mia! i like pokemon and anime and lots of other things

i'm queer as hell and i like to make art. i'm currently a freshman at massart, planning on majoring in illustration

my art tag is here

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