make a wish, peco!!! :)

Tagged: mia's art. ping pong the animation. hoshino yutaka. a small doodle..... been experimenting with brighter colors lately and i must say i like it. ping pong.


defenders of the world and on neopia’s top 10 best dressed

Tagged: neopets. wtFFFFFFFFF. THIS IS CUTE. not behind the cc stuff but uh. otherwise this is excellent and i love.
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that’s me… The Emerald Fan….. (you do mean emerald from pokemon special, right? correct me if im wrong)

hm, lets see, i need to reread special, but definitely behind the idea of nonbinary emerald, as well as trans boy emerald. also ace/aro, he is too busy WINNING and being AWESOME and also TALL

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you ever just… listening to a song and there’s always this one part that you HAVE to lip sync to…..

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put a Ӝ and a character in my askbox and i’ll tell you my gender/sexuality/romantic alignment headcanons for them
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pibmo let’s make our own character design class and hand out mandatory assignments to a bunch of freshmen

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bloodymental replied to your post:bloodymental replied to your post:sooooooo im…

ah! I miss you too! I hope the northern states are treating you well :)

yes!!! overall im very happy with where i am right now! i definitely picked the right city+school. i hope you’re doin all right Down South as well! 

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i don’t want to draw still life after still life after still life for homework, i want to draw anatomical studies and character design tests and posters and stuff like that (i also want to draw more ping pong fanart but… that’s another story….)

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dear people who make conventionally unattractive characters attractive by taking away all their unique features,

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Urbance is literally about forbidden hetero romance in a land where everyone is gay. evil gay overlords stoppin the hetero. the designs are gorgeous but be aware of what you’re potentially funding. Not saying funding it is that black and white either -it’s nice to see a cast that is primarily black, for instance, but every time Urbance info goes around I end up seeing people get disappointed when they learn the premise.

And remember kids, penis in vagina = hetero, so nice cissexism with 0 confirmed trans or nb characters

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Tagged: urbance. why this.... it looks so visually cool and there are like. 0 cartoons with primarily POC characters/cast. why does the story have to be terrible. ok- i know the. story is *~*more than that*~*b ut. stop trying to justify this homophobia.


Elle Me Dit - Mika

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it’d be a lot easier to get all my work + chores done if i weren’t so lonely……….

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